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Men’s haircut must be stylish and of course fits its owner. You know, the haircut can change us and people’s thoughts about us. But every man asked himself: “What hair style must I choose? What will be the best for me?” Barbershop Prague offers different stylish haircuts and beard trim, and helps you to choose the best one. So if you have done the same haircut for years and want to change your look, welcome to our barbershop. There is no doubt that you will be pleased with your new style.


If every man, who asked such question, will pay me a pound, I will be the millionaire or even billionaire. And this article will be written from some villa in Miami.


Every man ponders on his hair style, it is really so. His great haircut can attract women’s attention to his person. It underlines his style and outfit. After his personality, the haircut is the most striking thing. But nowadays there are millions of haircuts, textures and trends, and the most important and pertinent question remains – How to choose the right haircut?

The trends of men’s hairstyle, which were known two years ago, are also iconic for nowadays. They are long and short men’s hair style, men buns and pompadour, and, of course, buzz cut and all around undercut. The last one is the most flattering hairstyle and can fit any man. All they are well known as the IT look.


What is the right men’s haircut? Barbershop Prague advice

The answer consists of two words – contrast and balance. The best hairstyle is identifying by face shape and hair texture.

The truth is so, it is better to have a hairdo that fits the man like a glove, rather than trend one, but which spoils the look.

Let’s see it in details now!

The right hairstyle according to men’s face shape

Among the barbers the ideal face shape is considered the OVAL one. But angular face shape looks more masculine, isn’t it? The most of women think so.

Classic short cut fits the best for oval face shape: on the sides short and a little longer on the top, either with side parting or not. The prompt is following: don’t wear your hair down on the forehead, it can make your head round, but wear it backwards. The face can be sharpened a little bit by creating angles and volume on top. It is also looks great a man bun on the oval face shape. You can also do undercut or wear a long hair. These all fit the oval face shape.


If you have a round shape face, you must to have a hairdo with angles and height. Your hair must be short on sides and long on the top in order to create a face length. V-cut on the hair top will be wonderful. A side parting will create the angular face shape. The long hair must be kept in a side part in order to contrast with round face shape. Don’t do buzzcut and bangs, because they can make the face more round.

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The men with square face shape can wear different hair style.  They can have a good look with a long hair or the hair cut as Hollywood star Cary Grant. You can play with any hair cut you want. They all will look pretty much with a square face shape. Also you can make fabulous look with bangs and deep side parts.


Triangle or diamond face shapes looks best with some contrast – the haircuts with short hair on sides and volume on the top. Also buzzcut are very good looking with such face shapes.

But not only face shape is important for identifying the best men’s haircut for you.

Hair texture also makes a matter:

  • If you have wavy hair, it will look the best with haircuts, which cause volume and movement. Probably such hair texture will look wonderful with a long hair.
  • If you have thick straight hair, you must avoid wearing it smarmed back. You must use conditioner to make hair softer. Then you can easy to play with it.
  • If you have thin straight hair, you must do classic haircuts, or some versions of undercuts.
  • If you have curly hair, the best look you will have with undercuts or long hairstyle. You can do elegant haircut like Justin Timberlake’s, Denzel Washington’s or James Franco’s one.


Another prompt from Barbershop Prague is following – bring always with you a photo of a desiring look or beard trim, and show it to your stylist. Your barber can do not the same haircut, but he can adapt to your face shape and hair texture.

If you have receding hairlines, you can conceal it with long hair or wearing it in a messy way. Also if you don’t want hide it; you can wear your hair smarmed back. Or you can do haircut and beard trim as Jason Statham has.


The haircut is incredible important for men’s style and great outfit. Its power can’t be erestimated. The man in suit is an ordinary one, but man with great haircut and in suit is unique. Barbershop Prague helps you to look ten times better.

And the last one you must what you love, but don’t forget about what fits you. You can follow some rules written above. You must pay attention on tons, style, but don’t forget about your personality. And of course, the hair always grows back. Try out with styles and fashion!


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